Privacy Policy

Here at Book Silver Taxi, we are committed and responsible for maintaining and protecting all the details of the customers and the Privacy Policy explains how we collect the details and what the steps are that we perform in order to fulfill the needs of serving the customer needs even by protecting their concerns.

Why we collect the details

We are an online taxi booking service in Melbourne and you can book a taxi by visiting us. We collect a few details of the customers with the core intention to make our service advanced and according to the individual’s requirement. We are actually looking forward to offering more detailed and customized service to all the individuals in Melbourne.

The information that we collect

We do not use cookies but we collect a few details about the individuals who are acquiring our service and those details are provided voluntarily by all the individuals. These are collected with the sole intention of improving the service. Here are the details that we collect:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact no.
  • Email Id
  • These are some of the details that we need to know about what the individuals are thinking and what their specific requirements.

    Sharing the details

    We are very much concerned about the individual details and at no cost, those details are shared with anybody else for promotional purposes. Only a few selected personnel have access to these details and except those people, no unauthorized person can access the details. Those are not even shared with any third party sources for promotional or any other purposes.

    The information is stored in our secure database which only the elected officials have the access of. The database is scanned with antivirus for the protection of the data and the details are automatically removed from the system after a certain period of time.

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